Livin La Vida Lidka

Lidka Elena was born and raised in the Cayman Islands to Nicaraguan parents.  After completing her Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Illinois, Lidka moved to New York City where she worked at an international bank for several years.  Lidka is now part-owner of a successful financial consulting firm in Grand Cayman, and she is also the Producer and Host of ‘Livin La Vida Lidka’.
Lidka’s passion for healthy eating began when she discovered that the root cause of her severe cystic acne was primarily a result of dairy and gluten.  Through research and elimination, Lidka became convinced that foods can either hurt or heal, and it is in search of those healing foods that ‘Livin La Vida Lidka’ was born.  
Determined to spread the word on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, Lidka began her mission to encourage others to enjoy what she calls the ‘miraculous effects of natural food.’  Additionally, her years spent living in the fashion capital of the world, AKA New York City, not only transformed her sense of style, but offered her the ability to enjoy various activities such as samba dancing, trampolining, and soca cruises, experiences which exposed her to the belief that life doesn’t have to be so ‘vanilla.’
Incorporating her Caribbean and Latin background, her flair for adventure, and her passion for healthy eating, Lidka will offer viewers a new ‘spice of life’ that will transcend all aspects of what this beautiful world has to offer.